• Do not touch the piercing. Never turn or slide the jewellery;

  • Clean 2 or 3 times a day. ( with a piercing cleaning stuff )

  • Do not apply ointment to the wound and do not drop any disinfectants on it;

  • Ensure that no hair spray, gel or other products come close to an ear or other piercing; watch out with make-up, remover, powders, lotion, deodorant etc.

  • Do not wear plasters over the piercing;

  • Do not wear tight or dirty clothing over the piercing to prevent friction, irritation and inflammation;

  • Avoid (bubble) baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam baths … because of the risk of infection;

  • During healing, never remove the jewellery yourself, ask for help from the piercer or contact us for suitable advice. This also applies during the care of it or if you are tired of the piercing again, for example.

  • Do not use cotton buds, cotton pads, tissues, toilet paper or towels on the piercing. Kitchen paper is of course allowed again.

  • When showering, rinse the piercing well before leaving the shower to ensure that there are no soap residues, etc. have remained behind.

  • Do not sleep on the piercing during the entire healing period.

  • In the case of an ear or face piercing, sleep on a clean pillowcase daily and ensure that no pets are on the bed.